Invest in your employees

Financial literacy benefits workplaces by:

  • adding value for job seekers
  • providing performance and productivity gains
  • reducing absenteeism
  • improving employee retention

The Money Mentor program will help you stand out in a competitive employment environment.

Financial literacy supports your workforce

Australia’s low rates of financial literacy lead to stress, anxiety and depression in our workforce.

Investing in financial education for your employees reduces financial stress and can result in:

  • increased productivity
  • reduced absenteeism
  • increased work satisfaction
  • job retention
  • improved mental health

In addition, financial education can improve performance by:

  • elevating decision-making abilities
  • increasing leadership skills
  • managing informed negotiations

The Money Mentor program is an adaptable, low cost option to improve employee and business wellbeing.

Why choose the Money Mentor program?

Adapted to your requirements

We will work with you to curate our program to meet the needs of your specific cohort and your business.

How we can deliver:

  • Full 8 module program over 8 weeks

  • Full 8 module program over 4 weeks with longer sessions

  • Curated workshop catering to your special needs

Participant feedback

Some of our participants’ favourite things about the course.

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