Strengthen your community

Financial literacy builds resilience in communities

  • creating financial security
  • improving mental health
  • increasing employment
  • reducing reliance on welfare support

The Mentor Program supports your community.

Our tailored practical financial knowledge changes lives

Financial literacy is low and falling. Our most vulnerable populations are hit harder by the effects of low financial literacy.

Community organisations are uniquely placed to support key populations such as:

  • people new to the Australian workforce
  • young adults from migrant families
  • people returning to the workforce after time away.

We want to partner with you to create healthy, strong communities.

Why choose the Money Mentor program?

Adapted to your requirements

We have worked with the DFFH and consulted community leaders to curate workshops that recognise cultural and religious views that effect financial management.

Our funding sources include:

  • Applying for local grants

  • Working with local businesses to sponsor the delivery

How we can deliver:

  • Full 8 module program over 8 weeks

  • Full 8 module program over 4 weeks with longer sessions

  • Curated workshop catering to your special needs

Participant feedback

Some of our participants’ favourite things about the course.

What did you enjoy learning?