Do you want to understand money better?

The Money Mentor program runs courses and workshops that provide you with life-long financial skills.

Financial literacy improves your life outcomes

Financial literacy is low and falling.

Improve your financial knowledge and skills for a better life:

  • financial independence
  • positive mental health outcomes
  • better employment opportunities

Learn how the Money Mentor program supports life long financial literacy

  • Watch this short video from a school setting

Why choose the Money Mentor program?

Join a course near you

New courses and workshops are being held regularly. Some of these are charged at a low rate, some are supplied at no cost.

If you can’t see any courses on this page, contact us to find what may be available.

Common options include:

  • Full 8 module program over 8 weeks

  • Full 8 module program over 4 weeks with longer sessions

  • Workshops adjusted to suit the group

Participant feedback

Some of our participants’ favourite things about the course.

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